LZ Sticks & Canes as it develops will have a wide selection of functional hand crafted Walking Sticks, Hiking Sticks & Canes made from individually selected woods like Alder, Cherry, Oak, Tamarack, Birch, Buck Thorn, Aspen, Willow, Walnut & more

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Lz Walking Sticks, Hiking Sticks and Canes


Why use a Stick?


Some people donít have a choice like those who medically need a cane for support. These should be fit by someone who knows what they are doing. Most others just need a cane for general support and balance and should be able to be adjusted for the comfort of the user. The cane should be fit for the height and weight of the user.


Walking and Hiking sticks

†The rest of us should use a stick when we are doing something out of our normal day to day activities. These are usually referred to as a Walking or Hiking stick. Although they may look similar and provide similar functions the Walking Stick and Hiking Stick do perform two different functions. They both provide relief of stress on your back and knees, aid in balance, increase endurance and offer something to lean on when needed. The Walking stick is shorter and used in everyday hikes at the park or campground and nightly neighborhood walks where the Hiking stick is stouter and longer and is used while trekking through more difficult terrain. The stick should be picked for the application it is to be used for, size and weight of the user.

I love working with wood you might say to an extreme. I guess without realizing it I learned at a young age without even knowing it watching my grandfather make† inlayed tables and such. He would make lamps from wooden wagon wheel hubs and tables with the wheels. His table saw was crude and in his later years his eyesight failed but his work was always impressive. My dad followed not to the point my grand father did but a lot more functional. To this point is where I must have developed my craft. Not so perfect as I would like but mother nature made some pretty unbelievable imperfect beauty. My Walking stick and Hiking sticks are designed and made not only to be purposeful but functional and use the beauty mother nature left to be enjoyed. All my sticks are harvested from private sources and cut with a conservation motive. My cane handles are not just something I made up to sell but have been tried and fit from the help of friends and neighbors.